What Ingredients Are In The Realmushrooms?

September 14, 2022 Ned Retha 0 Comments

Mushrooms are not only delicious, they also contribute to a healthy diet. They contain hardly any fat and are packed with essential amino acids.

Many appreciate mushrooms as a culinary delicacy. The mushrooms also contribute to a healthy diet. Mushrooms contain calcium, magnesium and other minerals as well as trace elements such as manganese, zinc and selenium. They also contain vitamins, especially those from the B group. Some mushrooms also contain vitamin C and even vitamin D, which we otherwise only get from the sun. Mushrooms are also rich in essential amino acids, the building blocks of proteins.

Good for the “slim line”

Mushrooms are also suitable for supporting diets. They consist of around three quarters of water and contain hardly any fat, but instead contain indigestible chitin. In the function of a roughage, the chitin ensures that the stomach is occupied for a long time with a mushroom meal. So, you are full for a long time. On the other hand, mushrooms can be heavy in the stomach because of the chitin content. Experienced mushroom cooks therefore recommend cooking the mushroom meal extensively so that it becomes easier to digest. The realmushrooms powder can also be an alternative for mushroom soup.


Can mushrooms heal?

There is no question. The ingredients of local mushrooms can have a variety of effects on your body. Above all, the negative phenomena such as intoxication or poisoning are well known. In old pharmacopoeias one can read that a number of mushrooms were used to treat various ailments. The oyster mushroom should therefore have a cholesterol-lowering effect and the mushroom should lower blood pressure. Honey fungus was used in the past to promote blood circulation, and giant puffballs to treat chronic inflammation of the digestive organs. Much of the old knowledge has been lost, only little has been scientifically investigated.

Realmushrooms: Appreciated in Chinese medicine

Mushrooms are of great importance in Asian medicine. Shiitake, for example, is said to have a healing effect on a number of ailments. In modern natural medicine in Asia, it is used against colds and flu. It is used for inflammatory skin reactions, high blood pressure and joint inflammation as well as liver diseases. It should also help with allergies and bronchial infections. Pompom or the monkey head mushroom is used for stomach inflammation and gastritis.  The Judas ear is used for detoxification, to strengthen the liver and to treat problem on allergies and circulatory diseases.