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When you drastically reduce your carb intake, your body will experience withdrawal symptoms. The first 10 days is when these symptoms are the most intense and can be hard to manage. These symptoms include irritability, cravings, foggy brain, low energy levels, and intense hunger. Luckily, a low-carb diet does not last forever and these withdraw symptoms only last for about a week or two.

Dealing with Withdrawals

A good way to minimize these withdrawal symptoms is to make sure that you are getting enough protein in your diet. Protein helps fill you up and keep those hunger pains away! Plus, it’s necessary for healthy hair and nails.

Eat eggs for breakfast or lunch – they are an excellent source of protein which will help eliminate those hunger pains as well as provide other vitamins/minerals.

If you’re looking for something more hearty than eggs in the morning then bacon is a great option too!

Keep Your Body Hydrated

Another way to alleviate some of these withdrawal symptoms is by staying hydrated with water. Drinking water helps flush out toxins that you might be storing from eating too many carbs. This can also help if your mouth feels dry because it gets worse as time goes on when eating a low-carb diet initially.