The Myths and Facts About Gluten-Free Diet 

April 26, 2023 Jodie Honor 0 Comments

An eating routine that restricts foods containing gluten like wheat, barley, and rye is known as a gluten-free diet. The gluten-free diet claims that it has advantages including better health, weight loss, and higher vitality, but further research is required.

Still there are many prevalent myths and facts about gluten, so know more about it and decide what is right and best for you. Here are some

Food Sources of gluten photo by Healthwire


Cutting gluten also means eliminating carbohydrates. Another is a diet free of gluten can help with weight loss. Moreover, everyone needs to stop eating gluten



Not every carbohydrate has gluten in it. Gluten is not normally present in any carbohydrate-rich meals, including fruit, vegetables like potatoes and maize, and plain yogurt. On the other hand,  Barley, wheat, rye, and closely related cereals all contain the protein known as gluten. 


Pasta, cakes, bread, pizza, and cookies are some  of the main food groups that should be avoided if you want to lose weight. Most people substitute gluten-free versions of such meals instead, though sometimes, doing so may result in a higher calorie intake. This is due to the fact that producers frequently add more sugar, fat, and starch to products to improve flavor and texture.