Massage Heals The Soul And Body

December 16, 2022 Lenox Karena 0 Comments

Massage is a pleasant experience and a serious therapy when it is done by a specialist from MassageAddict. Generally, massage is beneficial to the body.

To give someone a good massage

You need to be aware of which part of the body you are going to massage and ensure comfort for the whole body, not just her. It is important that it is completely at rest, only the lying position does not provide it.

To provide comfort. If an individual is lying on his back, put support under the neck, knees, and ankles. If a person is lying on his stomach, the support is in the area of ​​the head and knees. It is good for a person to be completely relaxed, to be warm because bare skin is best massaged. This way the massage affects the receptors of the skin as well as the muscles.

Knowledge of the human body. You don’t have to become a physical therapist, but the basics can be learned.

Never massage over joints and bones. This is especially true for the spine.

Never massage directly on a lymph node. It is a soft tissue, has no muscles, but is very specific. if your fingers reach such a place – neck, groin, armpit – go over it with a light stroke.


Purpose of the massage for health

To overcome certain problems – cramps, colds, fatigue of a part of the body – hands, waist, hips. Then the massage is directed precisely to these areas, and not on them, but around them.

To tone – the purpose of the massage is to activate the body. It is very popular after a sauna, for example, after the released toxins and tiredness from sweating, to tone and refresh the person. It is characterized by short, vigorous tapping or chopping movements throughout the body. No stroking and long crumpling.

To relax – after overwork, as a prelude to a thrilling night. This type of massage lasts longer because there is a longer preparatory part. It warms up and relaxes the body with long stroking, vibrating, circular movements along the entire muscles. After the body relaxes, a deep, slow-motion massage follows.

Healing massage- here there are already many options. The massage range from shiatsu massage, through specialized sports massage to acupressure, Thai massage, anti-cellulite massage, and the entire range of spa salons. The variety is huge. Foot and palm massage is very popular as part of acupressure.