Home Care Massage: Oldest Health Therapy

November 30, 2022 Meg Jilly 0 Comments

Stroking, kneading, rubbing, stretching, or tapping, the masseur works on certain parts of the body with different grip techniques after feeling the findings with his hands. Massage is one of the oldest therapy methods. The various forms of massage try to heal or relieve the patient in different ways.

Your back hurts and your neck is tense after working all day. Almost everyone knows muscle pain. Most people also know how beneficial stroking, rubbing, and kneading painful regions are. Masseurs, physiotherapists, and naturopaths with the appropriate additional qualifications can professionally change the state of tension in the muscles and tissue.

Home care massage: Broad spectrum of activity

Depending on the technique used, the effect of the home care massage (홈케어 마사지) can be very broad. Whether it relaxes the muscles, stimulates blood circulation, eliminates congestion in the lymphatic fluid, or loosens adhesions of tissue, the right grip can have an immediate pain-relieving effect.

Massages can even have a positive effect on the internal organ system via a reflex effect. Depending on the massage method, a relaxing effect on the vegetative nervous system can also lead to mental relief and a reduction in stress.

Home care massage

How does massage therapy work?

Massage has numerous beneficial effects on people. You can use this therapeutically.

Mechanical effects

Direct mechanical effects happen via tension and pressure in the area of ​​the skin, hypodermis, muscles, tendons, capsular ligaments, and connective tissue. This also includes the nerves, lymphatic and blood vessels. Adhesions and scars between the different tissues can be loosened.

Neurophysiological Effects

With some massage techniques, the therapist can move the joints. The movement impulses stimulate movement receptors and pain receptors in joints and muscles and reflexively inhibit pain perception. Therapists can remove pain-causing substances by stimulating blood circulation and increasing muscle metabolism. In the case of muscular tension, the tissue elasticity can be traced back to a normal state of tension.

Psychic Effects

In many diseases, massage can reduce the ability of the disease to regenerate and reduce stress tolerance. Massages during rehabilitation often meet the patient’s needs for human attention, soothing rest, and mental relaxation.