Meet Modern Low Carb

"It's about eating real, sustainable and locally sourced food.  I tailor those ingredients to fit the low carb, ketogenic template."

Hi there@!  Welcome to Modern Low Carb, where I cook and eat a low-carb, gluten-free diet made with real food.  By real food, I mean the good stuff that most often doesn't have a label filled with things I can't pronounce.  Grass-fed, pasture-raised proteins, sustainable seafood, organic vegetables and full fat dairy.  These are the building blocks of my cooking.   

While most people have heard of low carb diets, they generally have a reputation as being really difficult to maintain.  People often feel like they can't eat low carb and still live a normal life that involves eating at restaurants, going to social functions, and eating food beyond steak and vegetables. For as many dietary resources that exist, there are relatively few devoted to low carb cooking.  As I develop recipes and try new products in order to make my eating more well-rounded and enjoyable, I want to share this with others.  

I believe low carb cooking can be modern, beautiful and highlight fresh, locally sourced and sustainable ingredients.  For me, it comes back to eating real food, and using the low carb template to promote weight loss, reduce inflammation and improve my overall health.  I hope you can gain some inspiration from my recipes to help you on your health journey.




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